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I'm Jen. I love super mario bros', pop punk music, Films, Tv and beautiful majestic dolphins. I follow back, I am a stalker:) Im 13, I like to eat noodles. GREENDAY. PARAMORE. YMAS. MCR. BLINK182. Don#t listen to the fail whale, swim with the salmon of success, Ride the rainbow of life.!

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Cake Making Partner.

Hai. I need.. a cake making partner. Very much, for quite some time now. I have been a lonely Jen. With no cakes, and no makingcakespartners. Its incredibly boring, and depressing. My cake making partner must be.. Attractive, Like Harry Potter, have good grammar, be able to make cakes/anything edible, cute. Tumblrfieed. Yay;3 Let me know people, because these materials won’t be around forever.


Well, I’m thinking about doing a MASSIVE GIVE AWAY. It’s pretty hard for me to give away all these things but I need more followers. (I bought the most of the shirts at concerts)

- Band Shirts (1x All Time Low, 2x Asking Alexandria, 1x Never Shout Never, 1x Paramore, 1x You Me At Six, 1x The Beatles, 1x The Rolling Stones, 1x The Ramones, 1x Pink Floyd, 3x Glamour Kills / No Regrets, Tiger Print, Good Vibes)

- Vans Bag, Vans Era Shoes, checkered pants



DEAD LINE = 10 - 30 - 2012

(This has to reach 5.000 notes before I’ll choose a winner)

xoxo, Janice.

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I just love that Tumblr’s problem with 50 Shades of Grey isn’t “my goodness, it’s so pornographic!” but instead “oh my god this is the worst written porn I’ve ever read am I allowed to send this author some choice livejournal entries so she can improve her style”

 #We are the largest gathering of literary pornography snobs

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